The CityInfo application helps cities and municipalities to provide and share 3D asset information. CityInfo can be used to publish information within cities as well as with external stakeholders.

Urban asset information may include plans, construction project documents, services, BIM and infra models as well as other location based information. CityInfo web application is accessible on an internet browser with no installation needed. CityInfo uses the MAPGETS® 3D map application platform.  FCG MAPGETS is an open 3D virtual environment for professional and consumer applications as well as dynamic urban data. 

User management

The Administrator can manage data accessibility according to organisation and user profiles. Selected restricted material may also be shared with users outside the organisation, such as in a project working group. 

Content management

CityInfo connects directly to existing processes and databases. Outside data sources such as the Geological Survey of Finland and the National Population Register Centre are accessible through standard WMS/WFS interfaces. 

Info card feature

Info cards and 3D models are an easy way of publishing project websites, pictures, videos, indoor models or any web content on a map. The administrator may add, delete and edit card content with an intuitive dashboard. The design of Info cards may be customised according to the graphic guidelines of the customer organisation.  

BlomSTREET integration

If the municipality has access to the BlomSTREET image service, it may be integrated to CityInfo. Users can view the street images of a certain location and move around using BlomSTREET street view images. BlomSTREET is only available for the city’s internal use. 

3D models on a timeline

All the information of CityInfo may be given a time frame that defines its validity period. Thus it is possible to create views of the city model in a certain time in the past or in the future, or follow the evolvement of a project design over time. 


User can submit location based feedback in the 3D city model and view feedback given by other users. The feedback feature may be integrated into a background system compliant with the open311 standard (Trimble Locus or equivalent). 


Setup fee for the CityInfo application starts from EUR 5.000 (VAT 0%, smaller municipalities). The annual license fee starts from EUR 1.500, depending on the size of the municipality. The annual fee includes technical maintenance, regular service updates and user support. Fundamentally the customer organisation manages all substance content, but we also offer upkeep as a separate Consulting service.


To maximise the added value of CityInfo to the customer, we provide training to the personnel of the cities. The scope and contents of training will be agreed with each client on individual basis. The price for a training day is 1000 € (VAT 0%), regardless of the number of participants. 

Third party extensions and new features

CityInfo may flexibly be extended with third party services and features using the SDK provided. We constantly bring in new features based on customer needs and feedback. For customised major features we are happy to give a separate price.

See how municipalities use CityInfo:

 CityInfo - an unique 3D map application

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Development Manager
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